Thursday, January 22, 2009

Raw "cooking" with a Thai zing

I've now completed seven days of fasting and feel like a new person both inside and out! All through my cleanse I was looking forward to taking a raw food class only to discover on the last day it had been canceled. Luckily, I found an alternative outside of the health retreat. Even better, it turned out to be a private session in Lam Sor, a peaceful area on the southern tip of Samui island. The food was deliciously fresh and bursting with flavor! Maybe it's because I'm finally able to eat after a lengthy period of ingesting only liquids or Ms Ta is a fantastic "cook" - it's probably both;)I helped prepare five fully raw and organic Thai dishes. All vegetables picked fresh from her garden.Serious preparations...Gorgeous colors and flavors.Ok, maybe not so serious... She's wearing a pamelo rind on her head.