Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It's a small world afterall...

Below I've uploaded photos from Luang Prabang, Laos- providing a small glimpse into all the beauty of this special country. Spent fifteen days in the whole of Laos- flew into LP airport, taking buses south, through Vang Vieng, short stop in Vientiane, then Pakse, ending in Don Dhet (of Si Phon Don, 4000 Islands), plus a few other towns not exactly worth mentioning.

While in Luang Prabang I randomly met up with friends Shaina and Emiliano. I heard they were somewhere in SE Asia. Then they spotted me on the main road, in the terrace of a French cafe while sipping wine. That very morning I had emailed Shaina, titling the message, "Where in the world are you now?"- it turned out she was in the same town as me. It must have been meant to be! Heidi met us in LP several days later, flying in from Hanoi. Us three girls were roommates together in Santa Barbara reuniting unexpectedly in Asia.

Me, Heidi and Shaina stopped for a photo op when the bus broke down on our way to Vang Vieng. If the scenery hadn't been this beautiful maybe we would've been more upset.

View from Phusi Temple. Funny how we almost looked superimposed onto this unbelievable backdrop overlooking the Mekong River.
Early, misty morning market in Luang Prabang after watching the monks receive alms.
This night market was one of the most visually stimulating, colorful markets I've encountered during my travels. Very refreshing to see the chilled-out vibe of the Lao people. For the most part, they are exceptionally kind and soft spoken.

Wish I had room in my backpack for many of the beautiful handmade goods sold at the market.
Lounging in the Reggae Bar (Don Dhet) with Shannon from Australia.