Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Long journey to lovely Hoi An, Vietnam

After spending four nights in Saigon, I was more than ready to move on from the hustle and bustle. So, Jesse and I hoped a bus to Mui Ne, a quiet little fishing village on the China Sea. This was a perfect place to rest for a couple days and watch kite-boarders fly across the waves, before getting on the next bus heading north.

Mui Ne Sunset.
Once in Nha Trang, I knew immediately that I wouldn't stay long. Sleeping there for only one night, I booked an overnight sleeper train to Hoi An. Not so bad, just that my bunk-mates decided to chow down on a stinky durian in the cramped space! This trip took about 10 hours to Tam Ky, then another 45 mins. to Hoi An by moto taxi. This stretch of scenery was absolutely breathtaking. Halfway into the ride, rain began pouring down against the back-drop of flourescent green rice-paddy fields, truly magical.

Yesterday morning I checked into my hotel room - only $10/night, outrageously cheap for all that's included in the price: swimming pool, tv, queen bed, large bathtub, balcony, free internet, clean, tasteful interior etc. etc. Hoi An is a cultural heritage site, unaffected by American bombs, truly picturesque. Think I'll stay a few extra days!