Monday, March 16, 2009

Arrival in Legian, Bali!!

After flying from Hanoi to Bangkok, going back to Khao San Road for one night (staying up until 4am to hail a taxi to BKK airport and catch the 6am flight to Depensar airport- I arrived in paradise. When stepping off the plane, "the sun was shinning, the weather was sweet... makes you wanna move....." greeted with smiling faces, deep blue sea on the horizon and clove cigarette smoke wafting through the air.

The Balinese are profoundly spiritual people. Every morning and several times throughout the day men and women in traditional garb lay small basket offerings onto sidewalks and alters (you literally have to step over them while walking down the street). These are filled with fresh flowers and pungent incense. Every neighborhood has a temple, which holds many shrines and statues. Each of these are thoughtfully clothed in Balinese tapestry. I've never seen anything like it before. When I think it won't get any better.... I arrive in Bali.

It's going to take some getting use to the intense humidity. This cooled off some when it started raining yesterday and continued on into the night. The storm, of booming thunder and heavy downpours, woke me many times throughout the night.

Tomorrow is a Hindu holiday celebrated in temples, all over the island. Many stores will be closed for special ceremonies. I look forward to waking up early and hopefully see some of the festivities.

Local street art.