Friday, November 14, 2008

Arrival in BKK, Thewet district

So I've arrived in Bangkok, in the Thewet district after a lengthy night/day of travel, but I made it!!! It is much different than I expected of course, a lot like a Latin American city actually, more third-world than I imagined. I thought I was booking a room in a quiet neighborhood, haha not quite. It definitely feels like a busy, moving city where locals and tourists are equally dispersed. There are tons of motorcycles and cars loudly zooming by, kids playing on the sidewalks, people strolling through the streets.. the weather is beautifully humid... I felt some culture shock upon arrival (which is normal), but last night I took it easy, grabbed some food ((yummy spicy thai stir fry, reminiscent of best Thai food in San Fran)) and tried to get some sleep. Of course, I awoke at 4am to the distant sounds of motorbikes. I've settled into my guest house and room, which are really cute, tucked back away from the street- leafy and brightly colored. There was plenty of space for my morning yoga routine. There's interesting art on the walls and a long spiral staircase with my room at the very top- I thought my bag was too heavy, now I'm convinced after lugging it all that way.

Today I'm going to venture out and look into getting a phone card/cell phone and explore the area some... I keep noticing that I'm the only one wearing shoes inside- guess I've got to get hip with the customs!

Miss you all!